User Agreement


"The modern pace of life has extremely accelerated, we all strive for something and do not manage much, but at the same time, each of us feels the need to help other people.
The project provides an opportunity for anyone who wishes to do so to provide such assistance to children who are in need of specific, high-tech medical care. At the same time, the participants of the BTCLife project have the opportunity to receive bitcoins in the form of a reward, for active participation in the project, for inviting new users to participate in the project."


1. General conditions of the agreement, obligations and rights of the users.
1.1 is a global, charitable Internet project with an MLM structure for attracting patrons. The activity of the project is to attract the largest possible number of participants to raise funds for the creation of a universal register of children who need high-tech medical care.
1.2 The MLM structure of the project provides an opportunity for each participant to receive a reward in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.
1.3 Everyone has the opportunity to provide assistance by recharging the bitcoin wallet specified on the main page of the project, without registration. Registration in the project is considered as the user consent with this document.
1.4 The participants of the project may be persons who have reached the age of 18. If a violation of this condition is detected, the user's account is blocked.
1.5 The project administration undertakes to ensure user access to the personal account within its competence.

2. Users are obliged to.
2.1 Observe these rules.
2.2 Provide the project administration with reliable information about themselves.
2.3 In case of faults, errors in the software of the project site, immediately contact the site administration. Violation is punishable by blocking your account and returning funds within 14 days.
2.4 Do not use site errors in order to discredit the project and/or for personal gain. Violation is punishable by blocking your account without the possibility of a refund.
2.5 Do not insult or compromise the administration and project participants. Violation is punishable by blocking your account with a refund within 14 days.
2.6 Get acquainted with the User Agreement updates.

3. User rights.
3.1 The user is liable to the user rights specified in the User Agreement.
3.2 The user may not be deprived of the rights specified in the End User Agreement, but may be deprived of the rights of the user on the basis of a violation of the rules specified in the agreement.
3.3 The balance of the user's personal account is not touched nor is the personal account of the user, unless the user violates this agreement.

4. Obligations and rights of administration.
4.1 In case of non-compliance with the terms of the user agreement, the administration reserves the right to block the user’s account notifying about the blocking within three days.
4.2 The administration may amend these rules by notifying users and publishing updates to the user agreement of the project
4.3 Letters and other appeals sent to the administration having obscene content, offensive nature or threats will be ignored, the user sent this appeal will be blocked.
4.4 The administration agrees that it will observe the confidentiality of information of the registered user received from him at the time of registration, except in cases of application to the project of the competent security bodies when providing a court decision concerning a certain user.
4.5 The administration is not responsible for possible account hacking if the hacking is not related to the technical bugs of the site. To avoid hacking, you must use complex passwords and not pass on the password to third parties.
4.6 In case of refusal to accept the new rules, the administration reserves the right to deprive the user of his rights.

5. Payments.
5.1 Users registering in the project get the opportunity to recharge the bitcoin wallet for the amount necessary to activate one or more accounts, but not more than 85.
5.2 To withdraw funds from your deposit of the project, you need to have your own Bitcoin wallet, which you specify in your personal account of the project.
5.3 The user can withdraw funds using payment systems, exchange offices, stock exchanges, etc. at his discretion.
5.4 Recharging of the deposit by partners of your structure is limited by the number, not more than 84 participants, for each individual account you activate.
5.5 The withdrawal and storage of funds available on the balance of your personal account is limited only by the actual amount of funds currently received on your deposit.
5.6 The withdrawal fee is withheld, not by the project, but by the Bitcoin network.

6.1 The administration of the project cannot guarantee a one hundred percent return of the invested funds, nor can it guarantee profitability on the basis of the instability of any financial system in general. You decide to participate in the project at your own peril and risk, as in any other financial institution.
6.2 Users agree to these rules upon activation of their project account.
6.3 The participant who accepted the agreement of the project, whatever the outcome should be aware that the accusations of the organizers of the project of deceit or fraud, violation of his rights will be perceived as knowingly false, since upon registration he accepted all the rules and was notified of all risks that entail the consequences of participation in the project.

As approved by order of the business manager of SOUTHSIDEINNOVATIONLTD
Dated 30.11.2018 No 07 UA
Enters in force on 06.02.2019