How it works

Multilevel Network Marketing

The BTCLife project has a strict three-level partner positioning structure. The first level includes no more than four participants, the second no more than sixteen, the third no more than sixty four partners. The maximum possible number of members of your structure is eighty-four partners.

Step 1: Sign up

After receiving an invitation by an invite link, go to the BTCLife project website, sign up by filling out the proposed form. We recommend creating a text document on your computer where you can save the registration data so as not to lose access to your account. After registration, the system will offer to activate your account.

Step 2: Activation and Child Support

After pressing the “Activate” key, the system generates a unique bitcoin address to which you need to transfer bitcoins, at the rate of 0.006 btc, to activate one account. In total, you can activate from one to eighty-five accounts inclusive.

A bitcoin address is an identifier that you use to send bitcoins to another person.

The activation of one account means that your 0.006 bitcoins are distributed: 0.0009 bitcoins are sent to the BTCLife project, 0.0015 bitcoins to the participant of the project at the invitation of whom you registered, he is the first level sponsor for you. 0.0003 bitcoin go to the sponsor of the second level. And 0.0033 bitcoin go to the third level sponsor.

By activating your account, you provide financial assistance to the children who need high-tech medical care, become a full-fledged participant of the project, and your invitation link becomes active.

You receive your own invitation, where your login is located on the top line, you can invite others to participate in the project. The process of creating your own structure begins, which is very likely to provide you with income.

Step 3: Creating your own Network Structure

To participate in the project, invite your friends, those people with whom you are often in contact. This will allow you to control their activity in the project.

By inviting four active participants, you are guaranteed to return 0.006 bitcoins.

The number of your accounts in the project is limited. One email address, no more than 85 accounts. If you want to have more than 85 accounts, you must use a different Email.

If you actively invite new participants and their number exceeds 4 people, the system automatically integrates them into your structure, placing them in the second and third lines of your structure, according to the order. Your structure is automatically created by the system, distributing the partners invited by you, your partners and other project participants.

By being active, you are nearing the end time of the formation of your structure, which is guaranteed to bring you income. Closing one structure, you get 0.222 bitcoins on your balance in the project.

You can withdraw the bitcoins entering your balance sheet in the project at any time convenient for you by confirming the bitcoin address you specified via Email.

The change in the the bitcoin address for the withdrawal is also confirmed by Email.

Step 4: Project Exit Date

At the end of the participant enrollment for each of your accounts, the system notifies you by sending a message to your email address.

Passive Income

We recommend you store your bitcoins both in the BTCLife project and on your own blockchain wallets.

You can register a Bitcoin wallet on the services: and

Our experts agree with the majority of world experts that Bitcoin will grow significantly in relation to all other world currencies. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you spend bitcoins sparingly, since the presence of bitcoins in your account will itself generate income in the wake of bitcoin rising.

Attention to all participants of the project! The amount of account activation depends on the exchange rate of Bitcoin to the US dollar. Be careful.
  • 0.06 btc — from 250$ to 2500$
  • 0.006 btc — from 2500$ to 25000$
  • 0.0006 btc — from 25000$ to 250000$

At a rate below $250 and above $250,000 for bitcoin, our team will consider the state of things and determine the amount to activate the account.

It’s easy and pleasant with us! We wish you every success!