Help Children


Mankind confidently stepped into the twenty-first century, daily making a huge number of discoveries on the path to knowledge of the world and themselves. This knowledge allows us to improve ourselves and the life of every inhabitant of planet Earth. But this path is still very long; there is no limit to knowledge and perfection. We still have a lot to do. The world we live in is still very imperfect.

According to the United Nations estimates, published on September 16, 2014, mortality rates for children under 5 years old decreased by 49% between 1990 and 2013.

The hard work of such organizations as WHO and UNICEF has contributed to these results. They developed a strategy called “Integrated Management of Childhood Illness” (IMCI)

IMCI is an integrated approach to protecting children's health. The goals of IMCI are to reduce the incidence of death rates, illnesses, disability, and to promote the improved growth and development of children under the age of five. IMCI includes both preventive and therapeutic elements implemented by families and communities, as well as medical facilities.

But despite these efforts and the achievement of tangible results, there is still a huge number of obstacles to reducing child death rates, illnesses and disability, both technological, financial, and organizational.

BTCLife primarily focuses on organizational issues. The problem is that in many countries of the world, no government organization has a register to understand the real number of sick children in dire need of medical care, diseases and health disorders of this category of children. Charities do not have such general data either.

The situation is alarming. Despite favorable medical forecasts, many children still die and become disabled, as they did not receive proper treatment on time.

BTCLife is developing a model electronic register for children in dire need of medical care, which will allow various states, charitable foundations and medical institutions to systematize work, centrally provide medical and other care in the most efficient and timely manner.

Secondly, with the accumulation of significant funds, BTCLife is looking to finance advanced medical scientific studies, primarily related to the solution of child death rates and childhood diseases.

Therefore, each time you activate your account in the BTCLife project, you are contributing to the solution of the above mentioned problems and, perhaps, it is your contribution that helps to preserve the life and health of the child.