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How do I activate my service account?

After registering and confirming your e-mail on the main page in your account, press the "Activate Account" key. After pressing the key, the system will redirect you to the "Activate Account" page, where you can generate an individual bitcoin-wallet to activate your accounts by clicking the "Generate Wallet for Replenishment" key.

You have the opportunity to activate from one to eighty five accounts in your profile, replenishing the bitcoin-wallet with the necessary amount to activate the number of accounts that you want, based on the cost of activating one account in the amount of 0.006 BTC.

How can I help children?

There are two options in the BTCLife project.

First: without taking part in the project, transfer any number of bitcoins of your choice to the charity bitcoin-wallet of the project 1BTCLifezyYDpKuQUfxztR4DEYqLrg8k92.

Second: to take part in the project, because at each activation of the account 15% of the entrance fee will be automatically sent to charity. In addition, by attracting new participants to the project, you will contribute to increasing the charity fund.

Why do I not get funds to my balance in personal account?

If you activated your personal account by adding to the project an amount to activate at least one account, sooner or later, bitcoins will start to arrive in your balance when new participants of the project begin to be built into your structure by the “overflow” mechanism.

The "overflow" mechanism works so that participants who have registered in the project without an invitation or on invalid invitations will be embedded in the structure. But it should be borne in mind that filling the structure only on the principle of "overflow" can take an indefinitely long time.

As long as there are no participants in your structure, you will not receive anything on your balance in the project.

If you want to speed up the process of receiving funds to your balance, invite new participants to the project at your invitation or at your invitation link.

We wish you only success and thank you for your contribution.

How many people do I need to attract to receive a reward?

In order to receive a reward, with one active account in your profile, you just need to invite four new participants and monitor each of them to do the same. When you activate four first-line accounts in your structure, you will receive an amount equal to the amount contributed to the project upon activation of your account.

And from the moment when the project participants located in the second and third lines of your structure activate their accounts, you will start to receive a reward.

And this is that way for each of your active accounts in the project.

How to purchase bitcoins?

There are many ways to buy bitcoin.

6 main:

1) online electronic money exchanger;
2) cryptocurrency stock exchange;
3) purchase through electronic payment systems;
4) mobile applications;
5) kriptomat;
6) direct purchase from individuals.

Now a little more about how to do this using the online exchanger.

The main advantage of this method over others is its simplicity and a large selection of exchange options.

Choose a reliable exchanger with the most suitable exchange rate with help of: https://www.bestchange.com.

Having chosen one of the online exchangers, go to its page and make the exchange according to the instructions of the exchanger. Usually the functionality of online exchangers is intuitive and generally easy to use.

Before buying in the exchanger, you must have a personal bitcoin-wallet in advance. You can buy without installing a wallet on the cryptocurrency stock exchange or in the mobile application (paragraphs 2 and 4).