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Bitcoin-wallet and withdrawal of funds

Dear users of the project!

We recommend to withdraw bitcoins from the project to a personal bitcoin wallet. In case you don't have one, you can create it. It is possible to do this in several ways, listed below:

1) By purchasing and configuring a hardware wallet: BitBox02, LedgerNano S, TrezorModel T;
2) By installing the software of a complete Bitcoin network host, including a wallet on a computer or laptop, for example, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Knots);
3) By installing a light-duty wallet that depends on and/or accesses centralized services on a PC or mobile device, for example, Bitcoin Wallet and Electrum for Android, BRD for iOS, Electrum for Windows PC and Mac;
4) The easiest way for novice cryptocurrency users! Establishing a web-wallet in such services as:,,

We draw your attention to the fact that you must be very careful and keep strictly secure the information about registration on these or similar resources, as well as passwords and/or seed phrases, IDs, PIN codes of wallets, as in case of loss of access to your bitcoin-wallet you will lose your funds forever. Moreover, not only you personally, but the entire Internet community will lose the bitcoins you lost in this case.

Also to withdraw bitcoins from the project, you can use bitcoin wallets of various payment systems that use Bitcoin cryptocurrency or wallets of cryptocurrency stock exchanges in their functionality.
You can also use bitcoin-wallets of electronic online-exchangers, but be careful and accurate, use only proven, reliable resources. Remember that the bitcoin-wallet to which you withdraw your funds for the first time is linked to your account, and when you change the bitcoin-address, we block the withdrawal of funds for 7 days.