By participating in the project, you will have the opportunity to receive bitcoins under the BTCLife network marketing program


What is BTClife?

How you can help children


By activating an account in the BTCLife project, you are contributing to the development of high-tech medical care for children, and perhaps it is your contribution that saves the life and health of the child.

BTCLife is developing a model electronic register for children in dire need of medical care.

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Anyone who does not want to receive bitcoins, but wants to help children who need high-tech medical care, can recharge, for any amount, this bitcoin wallet:

How do I get a reward in the BTCLife project?

Citizens and residents of the countries in which the use of bitcoins outside the law and our services would be illegal cannot participate in the BTCLife Project. If you are a citizen or resident of one of these countries, and we will decide that you have acted in violation of this condition, we reserve the right to close your account, stop payments to your Bitcoin wallet, without prior notice. Thank you! Good luck!